Great Concept + Phenomenal Execution = Great Ideas. 
That's the basis of my career. Looking at things from a different point of view. Seeing things through different eyes. Finding the soul of the idea by de-con-struct-ing the story to its most basic element and telling the story with the simplest yet most effective image possible. Whether it's a logo, corporate ID, one sheet, brochure, billboard, or matchbook cover, everything warrants the proper thought process. Ideas don't come from sitting at a computer and cropping a shot. They come from going to museums, reading magazines, doodling, brainstorming, writing lists, looking at competing ideas, and using your client's requirements to shape the direction you're going while not limiting your offerings to a possibly narrow scope. Engrossing yourself in everyday life is where great ideas come from. 
James Kuty
Owner/Creative Director
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